Even though Opus 24 has been around since 1991, I am occasionally surprised to hear a local person say to me, “What’s Opus 24? I’ve never heard of it.” For me, Opus 24 is always in the back of my mind. I love the music, I love to hear the voices around me, and I love being a member of the Decatur Choral Society’s Board of Directors.

Perhaps our name is confusing. The name was chosen by the original founders, several months after the group began singing together. The word “opus” is often a reference to a work of music, while the number “24” indicates what choral folks think of as being the minimum number of singers for four part music, six voices for each section. At our first concert we had seventeen performers, so we were fudging a bit, and we often have had over forty voices, creating a grand full sound and greater performance flexibility. Sometimes as we are singing there are parts requiring up to eight different notes, or “voices”, sung at the same time.

And so we are Opus 24, under the umbrella organization named the Decatur Choral Society. You can hear us perform again on May 13, 2014, time and place yet to be determined. I hope to see you there!

Bill Horton
Decatur Choral Society