Thank You

There have been many musical organizations in our area that have come and gone. At first most of them seemed so wonderful and so enriching that we thought that they would be around forever. Yet practically all of them have faded away, and almost forgotten, while others have evolved or merged and are far different from their origins.

Opus 24 was started by Kathi McClugage, Jim Collins, Louise Kidd, and Norman Stewart. They met together and figured out how to start a new choral experience in order to sing the kind of music that they loved. And so the group, later named Opus 24, was created. The original goals and standards which this small group envisioned have been met and sustained.

There are several reasons for this. One is that bylaws were written which created Decatur Choral Society’s Board of directors. Half of the Board are members of Opus 24, and half come from our community of music supporters.

Opus 24 couldn’t exist as it is now without the time and service provided by our board of directors. Most concerts’ organization, promotion, fundraising, and support comes from the Board members who work many hours behind the scenes so that each concert flows smoothly and comes off successfully. I am amazed and grateful for all that they do so that our community can have choral music that we love to sing and to hear.

Thank you, current and former Board of Directors members for our opportunity to perform and to listen. It is an honor to know you. You can meet with our DCS Board members and Opus 24 singers after our May 13 concert at Decatur’s Central Christian Church.

Bill Horton
Decatur Choral Society