How Our Music Is Chosen

As a singer in Opus 24, I always look forward to seeing the music we will sing for our next concert. Our director chooses the pieces, and he always seems to keep on top of what new choral music is available. Many of our selections in each concert are new to us. He also likes to revisit pieces that we have done in the past, although often these are new to several members of Opus. This requires him to frequently look through Opus’s choral library which we keep in the basement of the Decatur Area Arts Council.

Our concerts are always a mix of old and new pieces. Over the years Opus has performed hundreds of different songs from most of music’s genres—sacred and secular, classical and pop, folk and theater. Each concert’s selections complement the theme around which our music is centered.

Opus is a flexible ensemble and we enjoy the challenges which good music demands, as well as the haunting melodies and imagery that you will hear in our concert selections. If you have a favorite choral piece which you would like us to perform, please contact Milt or me so that it can be considered for an upcoming program.

Bill Horton
Decatur Choral Society