DCS Earworms

Aren’t they annoying, though? It’s OK to think of a song or a jingle or a melody a few times, but after hundreds of times I get pretty tired of them.

Sometimes they just slowly fade away. Occasionally I can get them out of my brain by consciously thinking another song several times, but that has its own dangers. I remember a few years ago having an earworm replay “Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier” for several weeks. I liked the song when I was a kid, but not enough to reprise it as an adult over and over again.

I’ll bet that most of us have to tolerate these persistent music memories. I have a friend who told my church choir director that even though she missed rehearsal, she would do a good job on Sunday’s anthem because she had rehearsed it in her brain for the past week.

That happens to me a lot since I sing in two choirs and listen to a lot of recordings at home. I know that we should try to live our lives with a song in our hearts, but it would be nice to be able to turn one off in our minds.

I hope that after you hear the music in our next Opus 24 concert, you will have some of our choral pieces become pleasant earworms for you. It is as if Opus is getting free advertising in your head. I’d like to know a little bit about your earworms, so share your stories with me if you would like. Just don’t get them started in MY head.

Bill Horton
Decatur Choral Society