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2014 Spring Singers Singers
Patty Barr Alto
Mark Behrends Bass
Marcus Brown Tenor
Bud Chamblin Tenor
Christy Conrad Alto
Beth Creighton Accompanist
Carol Drayton Soprano
Carmen Dunn Alto
Sheryl Frye Alto
Andrew Gallegos Baritone
Kelsie Gallegos Soprano
Andrea Gerhard Soprano
Garry Golz Bass
John Gorecki Tenor
Ted Graham Baritone
Kristine Hansen Alto
Bill Horton Tenor
Kay Mason Soprano
Kathi McClugage Alto
Elizabeth Merrill Alto
Mary Miller Soprano
Peter Miller Bass
Julia Petrella Soprano
Tom Pickett Tenor
Heidi Sack Alto
Carla Scott Soprano
Michael Sexton, Bass
Christine Smith Soprano
Keith Smith Baritone
Nick Smith Bass
Jane Spires Alto
Steve Wenger Bass
Rick Strine Baritone
Diana Strong Soprano
David Trost Bass
Mitch Van Zant, Tenor
Roberta Williams Soprano
Don Wolford Tenor

Saying Goodbye


It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our dear friend, Dr. Keith Smith.  Dr. Smith shared his talents of medicine, woodworking, and music with his community. A long-time member of Opus 24, Keith added a richness of spirit and voice on Tuesday nights that will be sorely missed.  As members of Opus, we can only hope to emulate Keith both in our choir and community.

It has been a privilege to make music alongside Dr.  Keith Smith. Our hearts go out to his family and all who knew him.


I think that for the average singer an audition for Opus 24 might be a bit nerve wracking. However, it is a lot easier than you might think. While we can’t guarantee anyone a position in Opus, a person shouldn’t be too intimidated to give it a shot. Selection must take into consideration a commitment to attend rehearsals and concerts, current needs in the sections, and a voice that can blend with other singers. The ability to sing solos is nice, but that really isn’t crucial to sing in our choral group, and many of our singers would prefer not to do so.

As names come to Milt, he arranges a short audition on a Tuesday evening at Decatur First Lutheran Church. He will ask a few questions about experience, and he listens to range, pitch, and sight reading skills. He usually has a person sing a familiar song, and a piece on which Opus is rehearsing. Often candidates are asked to sit in on part of a rehearsal so that section members can later comment about what they have heard.
To quote Milt, “The process is really stress free for all involved.”

If you are interested in auditioning for Opus 24, you can refer to our website under “Auditions.”

Bill Horton
Decatur Choral Society