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Message from the Decatur Choral Society President

I hope you enjoyed the Opus 24 Fall Concert on November 26. We loved being being able to perform for you. In my last website post I mentioned that I would tell you which piece was my favorite.

I really enjoyed singing “The Shepherd’s Carol”, our third piece we sang. I like the melody, the message, and the arrangement , especially the tenors’ part. I really do appreciate all the sections for their fine efforts in accompanying the tenors. I also liked “Northern Lights” and “The Ground”, and any one of these songs could be in the number one spot in my personal “Hit Parade.” There are quite a few of the Opus singers who don’t understand the reference to “Hit Parade”, and I think you should explain it to them.

I also had my least favorite, but I won’t tell you what it was, because I don’t want to hurt a certain director’s feelings, and he is too talented to mess with. I imagine all of the singers had a favorite and a least favorite selection, and the choices would include most of the arrangements which were sung.

Concerts are like that. I personally guarantee you that if you concentrate on what you like the best that you will live longer, be healthier, and enjoy a happier life.

I am already looking forward to our Spring Concert on May 13, 2014. Milt has hinted about its theme and some of the selections we will be performing. He’s something else!

William Horton
Decatur Choral Society

From the Decatur Choral Society President

What is your favorite piece of music which Opus 24 will sing at their November 26 concert? I always ask this of our Opus friends after every performance. By now most folks are prepared for this question and have something in mind which captured their imagination, brought back fond memories, or offered them a pleasant mental challenge. Also, many admit that they liked most or all of them, and that it is hard to narrow it down to just one.

To me, the strange thing is that rarely is one piece singled out above all the rest by a majority of those who attend our concert. Usually most of our songs are mentioned at least once. What a diversified audience we have, and what a range of choral music is sung by Opus 24!

All of the singers have their favorite pieces. Usually our choices are based on the pieces’ arrangements, our personal success at performing them correctly and artistically, and memories of times past. I won’t tell you what my favorite is yet. I first want to hear what you think. See you at the concert!

Bill Horton
Decatur Choral Society